6 Things You Need to Know to Create an Successful Fragrance

When you decide to launch your brand new private label perfume, it’s an exciting time. With so many things to do, you can quickly get caught up in trying to produce something, but then when you take a step back you are left with a fragrance that doesn’t quite cut it.

To set yourself off in the right direction, take a look at the 6 things you need to know when you’re trying to create a private label perfume.

1. Finding a niche is a way to beat mass produced brands

Brands such as Giorgio Armani and Estée Lauder have been around for decades and are household names. They sell in such quantities that they are able to mass produce their products and dominate the market. The important thing to remember when launching your own private label perfume is that you can get around this issue by finding a unique niche. That way you can offer people exclusivity and luxury all in one.

You’re selling something that you’re passionate about.

Unlike designer fragrances, niche perfumes are available in limited quantities. They're more exclusive and original, and are usually sold at a higher price point. It goes back to the saying, Quality > Quantity.

2. Branding your scent is about tapping into the mood of the moment

What worked 10 years ago won’t work as well now, so don’t try and copy a brand that’s already out there. Coming up with something unique that taps into the mood of the moment is the best way to brand your new fragrance. That way you’ll really be able to stand out on the shelves.

3. Marketing needs to be innovative if you want to stand out

Always look for innovative ways to market your new scent. Celebrity scents are on the rise like never before, and so is social media marketing. It’s no use paying out huge sums for a celebrity endorsement that doesn’t fit with the ethos of your brand, so don’t feel like you have to go in that direction. Focus on getting it right, and look into ways you can connect your customers to your brand.

4. Luxury will always sell

Selling in smaller volumes than the major players is actually more of an advantage than it first appears. You have the opportunity to position your new private label perfume as an exclusive touch of luxury people can’t get anywhere else. After all, isn’t this why most people buy a particular scent in the first place?

5. Targeting a younger audience

Millennials are changing the way the perfume industry works. They’re constantly looking for new products that they can try without having to invest and be obligated to finish a large bottle. Subscription services such as ScentBird and BirchBox are offering sampler packs in with 4-5 different products, this allows younger consumers to try everything out without being pressured to sticking with one brand. They require options, on a budget.

retaW makes their fragrances in small capsules. They're convienent, disposable, and with minimal design. If you’re able to offer them something they love now, then you might just have a loyal customer for decades to come. Le Labo personalizes each bottle with the customer's name and location they bought their bottle from, personalization is a great option to add.

6. Find a team that can take care of everything, not just something

We pride ourselves on doing things differently, because we can take care of every step that you need to bring your new scent to the masses. That way you won’t have to find half a dozen experts when you come to launch your private label perfume. We can create sampler packages for your brand, with a vial of each of your fragrance packaged together. Some of our clients give them as a promotion, or charge a price which can be refunded once they purchase a large bottle. There are many ways you can stand out in this industry, give us a call to discuss how we can help you today.