Influencers - starting your own perfume line

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When you want to take your personal brand to the next level, you need to get creative with how you do it. In the next 5 years it’s predicted that the global fragrance market will be worth an incredible $92 billion, which means there is plenty of demand for fragrances that catch the eye. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know, so that you can launch the next viral sensation.

It all starts with cultivating a personal brand that people want to connect with. Take Jeremy Fragrance for example. He’s one of the world’s most watched YouTubers for fragrance reviews, and specializes in posting engaging reviews of everything from perfumes to cologne. His fun style has gained him quite an audience, and now he’s been able to monetize it by launching his own perfume line. He’s partnered with Firmenich, the perfume manufacturer, and renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas. He’s used a standard glass bottle, no cap or fancy packaging, and yet thanks to his brand recognition and a Kickstarter campaign has raised in excess of $600,000. Certainly very encouraging for those of you looking to follow in his footsteps.

jeremy private label perfume

Do you need to partner with a major label?

It used to be the case that you would have to partner with a global perfume manufacturer to get your fragrance on the shelves. Whilst some celebrities have been able to do this, the 20,000 bottle minimum orders that the industry uses as standard tend to freeze out aspirational entrepreneurs, small business owners, and budding influencers. We offer minimums as low as 500 bottles with your own custom perfume label and box. Work with our design team who will work with you one on one bringing your vision to life.

Are celebrity perfumes just a fad?

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Absolutely not! Whilst influencer perfumes are just getting started, celebrities have been labelling their own fragrances for years, and they’re more popular now than they’ve ever been.

Kim Kardashian is perhaps the best recent example, earning $10 million in just 24 hours with the launch of her limited edition crystal gardenia range. That went nicely with the $5 million earned from her new Kimji fragrances. Then there’s Paris Hilton, who you’d be forgiven for thinking has slipped into obscurity if you only followed her in the reality TV world. Since leaving the small screen behind she’s been busy generating over $2 billion in sales over the last 10 years with over 20 best selling fragrance lines. It’s clear her and her perfume maker are onto something.

Do you have to be a celebrity?

If you’re a celebrity then you already have some great name recognition, but as the growing influencer market is showing you can launch your own fragrance in a multitude of different ways. The most important thing is that you spend the time required to build a brand that people want to engage with. The best way to do it is always to be yourself. Let your individuality shine through, and show the world what makes you unique. And if you’re launching a fragrance line on behalf of a small business, capture the essence of your brand, bottle it, and sell it.

How do you make your perfume stand out?

This is the million dollar question, and the answer is actually simpler than you might think. When you look at the shelves in the store, or shop perfumes on Amazon, you can’t smell the fragrances until you pick up a tester bottle. What initially attracts you is the branding, and as every perfume manufacturer will tell you, this comes down to the bottle, and the packaging.

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When you want a custom glass bottle with a custom cap, you’re thinking big. This is exactly the kind of aspirational thinking that will allow you to take things to the next level, and bring your fragrances to the world. Custom minimum orders begin at 10,000 bottles. You can scale your efforts by consulting with us today, we handle every part of the process and ensure your perfume fits your brand’s vision perfectly.

The key to a powerful brand

When you combine incredible branding with an experienced perfume maker, you have the recipe for success that you’ve been searching for. Build your brand, be unique, and always strive for quality. If you do these 3 things, then you’ll already be halfway there.

Final Thoughts

As the leading full-service turnkey private label perfume product development company in the nation, we can make your vision a reality. We create private label perfumes for fashion designers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who want to take their brand in an exciting new direction. Whether you want a custom bottle, unique cap, eye-catching packaging, or seamless distribution to anywhere in the world, we make it happen.