Benefits of Using a Turnkey Perfume Agency For Your Fragrance Line

“Fragrances fill the senses with the mysterious.”
- Diana Vreeland

If you’re lacking front and backend knowledge about perfumery, creating your first fragrance line will be a nightmare. You’ll need to study the ins-and-outs, but after a few days and coming no closer to the development, you’ll realize how daunting this task truly is without a proper team.

After all, what is scent layering and how do you create aromatic lasting impressions? What makes a good base and how can you choose between synthetic and natural materials —where you do even find these materials? What’s the cost of creating one hundred bottles, or whatever minimum the manufacturer expects?

Now, imagine instead of sweating and worrying about all of these very necessary components, someone else did? Someone handled all the fine print details, the development of your scent, and you received the perfect scent for your line?

A turnkey perfumery gives you all of that— and more. Read on to find out the four main benefits of using a private label to develop your first fragrance line.

What is a turn-key private label fragrance?

A turn-key private label perfumery develops a scent for another company and fixes that company’s brand name and logo onto the finished product. Essentially, the private label takes your idea and forms it into a physical product. After the private label handles all the necessary components to bring your perfume to life you purchases the finished product from the private label.

By creating a turn-key private label fragrance, you’ll experience many benefits, including:

Access to greater and necessary resources

Resources. When building a product from scratch, you’ll run into an issue: Either you won’t have all the resources you need or you won’t have nearly enough. Either way, it’ll cause some roadblocks.

For instance, if you’re doing this by yourself, you’ll need to learn everything you can about the perfumery business. This includes understanding alcohol percentages, layering notes, and acquiring the right physical materials for your fragrance. What you might not expect is how much time and money this venture will deplete. It’s expensive, especially if mistakes are made — and mistakes are high probability when doing anything new for the first time.

And yet, if you work with a turn-key private label perfumery, the resource depletion will stop. The experts at the private label have the knowledge and experience to allocate your funds and resources in the most practical way, saving you time and money, while also producing your delectable scent.

Focus on what you do best without worrying

Unless diving into the specifics of the perfumery business fills you with immense joy, you’ll likely have a tough time committing to learning about all the facts. And if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll spend most of the time counting down the minutes until you can finally do something else. And that, as a brand owner, is no way to spend your time. Having your own perfume line takes more work than just the product, you’ll need to work on promotions, sampling, social media, and talking to store owners to carry your product.

Rather than watching opportunities fly by, or committing to something you don’t enjoy, your private label team will handle it for you. Not only do they specialize in the fragrance industry, it’s what they’re known for. In doing so, you’ll be free to focus on what you like and do best, without feeling guilty.

Improve brand awareness

You can use different methods to give your brand a boost, but nothing amplifies it quite like a fragrance. Other methods will require trial-and-error which will halt profits, production, and customer retention.

Ask yourself: Why take the road filled with despair rather than one paved with success? Your turn-key private label implores the best methods to get you results without sacrificing the quality of your product or brand.

A turn-key private label gives your brand an air of expertise. The team develops a signature scent that’s sure to leave your customers with a lasting impression. You’ll be taking them on a custom reliviable sensory experience every time they spritz your fragrance.

Easily expand your line without a second thought

When everything is said and done, you might not be quite “done.” In fact, you might be itching to add another fragrance to your existing line. Or include a new trademark. If so, don’t hesitate; private labels can easily add complementary products to your existing line. And if you work with your original team, it’ll be a cinch to jump right back into things — they know you, have records of your time together, and you’ll feel confident starting up again.

Dissolve the pressure of developing your very first fragrance line. Privé Label is an expert turn-key private label with limitless experience helping companies develop signature fragrances. Not only do we help you create the perfect scent for your brand, we also assist in the production, packing, and bottling too.

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