Ways to Sell Your Private Label Fragrance

In the world of creating beautiful fragrances, there are strict regulations on perfume manufacturing, and when you’re thinking of launching a new venture, where and how to start can get even more confusing. Once you find the right perfume manufacturer to bring your dreams to reality, it’s time to start pushing your fragrance in front of potential customers. Outlined next are some helpful tips for selling more units of your perfume line.

1. Giveaway Perfume Sample Vials

The last time you walked into the mall, and there were free perfume samples, how excited were you? Everyone gets giddy with joy when there is a giveaway, no matter how small. You can give out free perfume vials to prospective buyers to get them acquainted with your scent.

You can also offer a bonus vial to new customers — everyone loves extra value. We offer custom printed perfume sample vials with quality craftsmanship.

2. Throw a Perfume Launch Party

Just like there are book launches, when you start your perfume line, you can organize a party to launch your product. The party could be a simple affair or a sophisticated one where your perfumes will be on display, and people can buy right away. You can spice up the party with music, arts, and drinks to entertain your guests while they shop.

3. Leverage Social Media

The internet is the biggest market you can leverage to sell more bottles of your perfume. Social media can give your perfume line the much-needed visibility it needs to drive sales. With engaging content on your social profiles and well-targeted social media ads, you could record more sales than you would sell in retail stores. All you need to get started on selling on social media are excellent pictures and videos of your products, testimonials, captivating sales copy, and money to cover for paid advertisements.

You’ll be surprised at how much weight some online influencers can pull. Bloggers, product reviewers, and social media influencers have a large following and the power to sway public opinion. You can reach out to influencers that your target audiences follow to write reviews about your products. The reviews might be paid for, or you could send them free samples of your perfumes, so they can try it and talk about it on their platform.

4. Partner up with Barbershops, Salons, and Department Stores

While the internet is home too many shoppers, do not forget traditional outlets. A significant percentage of people are conservative shoppers and will only buy products they see physically. Given this, you should convince barbershops, salons, and department stores to display your products on their shelves. You can offer them a percentage on each sale to persuade them.

Starting a perfume line is a profitable and fulfilling business. However, making perfumes by yourself from scratch can be such a headache, not to mention the stringent regulations in the perfume manufacturing industry and the high standards required to run the business.

Nevertheless, you can still launch a perfume line with less hassle when you have a professional private label perfume company in your corner. Privé Label is an exceptional perfume manufacturing company that offers full-service private label perfume production, including unique fragrance formulation, bottle design, and packaging design. Contact us today for a hassle free consultation on how we can help bring your dreams to reality.