How to sell your private label perfume

Once you’ve developed an incredible scent that you want the whole world to enjoy, all you need to figure out is how to sell your perfume. The brand alone won’t be enough in this highly competitive market, so take a look at the following hints and tips from the pros so that you get off to a fast start.

Build brand equity

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Selling online is a great way to connect with people all over the world and gain exposure, but it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Advertising, collaborations, and high quality content with an consistent theme will separate your brand from others and gain recognition quickly. If customers are able to relate to the product after their purchase, it will stick with them. Brand equity is important when it comes to building your private label brand, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Offer superior customer service by dispatching orders early, promptly replying to inquiries, and being helpful at every turn. These are all great ways to have thousands of happy customers. If you add a section on your site where people can leave reviews, then you’ll be able to turn your customers into your own marketing team. It’s invaluable positive exposure for your brand!

Go back to basics with a physical store in an eye-catching location

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If you want to know how to sell your perfume, you need to be thinking long and hard about the location of your physical store. You want to be able to put your brand in the spotlight so that it’s seen by thousands of passersby in a single afternoon. Create an eye-catching window display, and project your presence out into the street.

Offer samples that passersby won’t be able to resist

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Samples are a great way to introduce people to your latest product, and anyone who wants to know how to sell perfume should try it. There’s no substitute for enlivening people’s senses with your latest fragrance, so get out there and be proactive about doing it.

Collaborate with other brands and influencers

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Collaborating with other brands and stores, and finding influencers on social media are all great ways to sell more perfume. You’ll be able to tap into the mood of the moment and put your perfume centerstage. Ideal if you want to see the sales your hard work deserves.

Launch a popup shop in a busy shopping center

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Popup shops are a great idea, and work particularly well during the peak seasonal sale times like the run up to Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Choose a location with plenty of passing trade, and then get busy handing out samples and inviting people through your door. It’s just what you need to stand out from the crowd.